Journey Ahead

How You Can Help

We have begun our fund-raising drive for this much-needed project, and as we are a small community we need to look outside to our friends, families and well-wishers for financial assistance.

With your support we can all get a chance to invest in a drive to make yet another little corner of the earth and a small segment of its population become truly connected and alive. This is our chance as a human community to make a paradigm change in the meaning and purpose of education.

We have requirements to meet in order to help this project take off. We hope that you will find our work worth supporting and join us on this journey. If you know of others who might feel inclined to support us, please do spread the word for us.

Any amount donated will be genuinely appreciated as it finally adds up to a total that we can use productively. As we are an Educational, Social and Charitable Trust, all your donations are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, and you will be given receipts for the same.

As per the requirements of the Income Tax Department, we shall also require a covering letter from you accompanying your donation, a draft of which is attached for your reference. Please send the letter duly signed, either through Email (scanned) or by post.

Mode of Payment

Donations may be made through:

  1. Online transfers

  2. Cheque Payments

  3. Cash payments

If you wish to make a donation to help us on this journey, please contact us for further details: