Laly Eugene

Laly Eugene’s association with Bhavya began in 1993, when her daughter, Mili, joined Bhavya in Kochi. “Enrolled” as a Bhavya parent since then, she continues her close association with Bhavya till date. She is, currently, working at Bharata Mata College, Kochi, in the position of Vice Principal and Head of Department of English.

August 24, 2016

  • Bhavya gave me a new insight into children and childhood. Bhavya helped me understand that when we raise a child with respect and unconditional acceptance, we are able to love him/her into a wholesome personality.

  • At Bhavya, I saw my child, as also other children, flowering beautifully and gradually, one petal at a time. The spirit of freedom and enquiry, and the joy of discovery and inventiveness that she experienced in her early childhood days at Bhavya, has made my daughter into the sensitive, creative and innovative person that she is, today. Giving great care to small details, as any Bhavya child does, she wants to do things differently, and not travel the beaten path.

  • While thus freeing my daughter, Bhavya was moulding me as a parent - to respect my child, empathize with her, let her figure things out on her own at her natural pace, and to her potential and calibre.

  • When my son was born, Bhavya had moved out of my town, but I had internalized the values and concepts of Bhavya, which helped me to raise him, too, the Bhavya way. In fact, though my son has not spent any time at Bhavya, he considers himself a Bhavya child and a part of the Bhavya family!

  • Twenty odd years have gone by since the time my daughter was in Bhavya, and yet the indelible mark of empathy and respect for children that I imbibed from Bhavya is the key that I use even today to unlock the hidden recesses of the closed or reluctant minds of my students in college.

  • Today, when my younger colleagues turn to me in doubt and dilemma, for guidance, clarifications and corrections while dealing with their children’s problems, what I am actually giving them is Bhavya - such is its perennial influence.