Bhavya Programme

Our Policy

Our Policy

Keeping Numbers Small

We have decided to keep our unit small with reference to the number of children in the program. We maintain a child:adult ratio of 6:1 at the very early levels, and increase to 8:1 as the children grow older. This enables us:

  • To reach each individual child in all areas of learning and growth so that every child grows into a well-balanced person, with clarity of thought and purpose.
  • To interact with parents and thus appreciate their positions more deeply, while enabling them to develop mutually trusting and respectful relationships with their children.
  • As adults working with children, to take our own understandings to a greater depth and extent as we evolve together with them.
  • To devote time and energy towards providing intensive and effective on-the-job training to the adults on staff.

Providing Staff Training

All adults who work at Bhavya are selected with care on the basis of their willingness and ability to be patient, sensitive, respectful, gentle, and to grow with the children. Hence, during our On-the-job Training Process, they learn how to:

  • create an environment which allows children to be themselves without any anxiety
  • facilitate learning, while following each child’s natural inclinations
  • connect with themselves.

While working with the children in a genuine attempt to accept them unconditionally, the trainees find themselves confronting their own limitations and blocks. Over time, the trainees are helped to work through their own personal difficulties in order to free themselves emotionally. Now, they are ready to truly accept the children unconditionally with their limitations and blocks and thus contribute meaningfully towards maintaining an accepting environment for the children at Bhavya.

Trainees are free to raise questions when they encounter situations which might conflict with their own perceptions of children or education. Through the ensuing discussions, coupled with their experiences in the environment, their own understanding of the Bhavya philosophy deepens.