Bhavya Programme

Joining the Bhavya Community

We are happy to know that you are considering Bhavya for you and your child. We trust that you have taken your time to go through our Website and got a fair idea of Bhavya’s working philosophy. If indeed you are considering Bhavya as a possible space for you, please go through the following list of prerequisites. If you should have any further queries, please do contact us directly.

Prerequisites For Joining Bhavya as a Parent:

The key determinants in admission decisions are:

  • Acceptance of our philosophy
  • Willingness of Parents to bring about such changes in their approach towards child-rearing and in their perception of education, which are in keeping with the working philosophy at Bhavya.
  • Mother’s readiness to accompany her child until the child is ready of his own accord to be in the space by himself.
  • That the children be at the age of 3-4 years and should not have, prior to this, attended any school including play schools and creches.

This synchronicity is vital in helping to reduce or eliminate the confusions in the child’s mind. Help in this direction is provided to parents, at Bhavya.

Becoming Involved as a Facilitator:

All adults who serve in Bhavya are selected with care on the basis of their ability to be patient, sensitive, respectful, and gentle, and also on their willingness to grow with the children. We have found that some people are naturally drawn to Bhavya as a result of their own search and life experiences. This enables them to accept the philosophy with ease and, thus, become more effective in practice.

We are always on the lookout for committed individuals who are interested in learning Bhavya’s way of facilitating growth in children while following each child’s natural inclinations.

Please contact us:

  • If you are interested in learning about and participating in the Bhavya Programme
  • If you have skills in specific areas, which you would like to share with us and can volunteer some of your time for it. This could be in the areas of music (vocal or instrumental), dance, drama, weaving, carpentry, knitting, sewing, etc.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time for farming activities and get involved in the processes we follow in Natural Farming.