Poornima & Naresh

Poornima and Naresh came to Bhavya in 2015, seeking admission for their elder son Moksh (6 years), in their search for a creative place which would free him to grow at his own pace.

As per Bhavya’s admissions policy Moksh could not be admitted at 6 years especially as he had been to another environment for several years. On seeing the parents’ eagerness to find a free growing space for their son, Moksh, we recommended home-schooling and offered them whatever help and support Bhavya could provide during their journey. Having spent a year,internalizing and putting into practice Bhavya’s working philosophy, making deep changes along the way in their lives and their style of parenting, we have now officially admitted the family into Bhavya.

June 20, 2016

  • We have shared a unique relationship with Bhavya. It all began when an extensive search spread over many years for an "alternative school" for our elder son, Moksh, brought us to Bhavya, a year ago. Our intention was to find a "school" which would allow Moksh's multiple talents to develop unhindered, while also ensuring that the "school" catered to his emotional requirements. What followed during our interactions with Sita was something that we could not have imagined. Among the many realizations, we were awakened to the fact that all children are gifted in their own ways and that what we took for multiple intelligence was in fact our children's responses to our over zealousness.

  • It would not be an exaggeration to say that Sita's encouragement was the catalyst behind our decision to home school (rather de-school) our children at a time when our children could not be accommodated at Bhavya. This was also in line with Sita's firm belief that Bhavya was not a "school", but an extension of home.

  • Our interactions with the team at Bhavya helped us define what education meant for us and how we could acquire it. Thereafter, we have always been made to feel part of the extended Bhavya family. They have not only guided us in our un-schooling journey, but have also been a much needed sounding board whenever we were faced with questions and doubts.

  • The methods adopted at Bhavya for interacting with children have been an eye-opener, oftentimes shaking the very basic foundations of what is generally accepted as good parenting principles. While most other alternate learning spaces align themselves with a certain philosophy, Bhavya seems to have an eclectic blend of many child-centric philosophies, coalescing eventually into a unique approach that is both humane and sensitive. The ideas of a non-violent, free-learning environment, the thoughtful use of words in communication, and the pedagogy adopted by Bhavya have all been mind-blowing learning experiences for us. Never was the difference between freedom and permissiveness so well explained and demonstrated. At Bhavya, a child remains connected to his/her own inner self at every stage, which in turn guides the child in his/her journey. Lastly, the pièce de résistance of this experience has been our own remarkable journey of self- discovery in the process of discovering our children.

  • We have now gone through an entire year home-learning with our children. We have thoroughly enjoyed this period, building a close bond with our children as we have watched them learn and grow in a familiar, safe environment, their home. The weekly parent-guidance meetings at Bhavya during this period gave us many insights and approaches, which helped us tremendously in working through our day-to-day encounters and confusions. Unschooling did not seem so daunting anymore.

  • Today, we have joined Bhavya officially.