Our Vision

The Bhavya program is based on the belief that there is a natural plan of growth in the Universe which is timeless and without fault. As a human race, our only hope for peace depends upon how closely our own lives move in rhythm with this Universal plan. The more we move in rhythm with this plan, the more is the peace and satisfaction that we experience in our lives.

About us

At the core of Bhavya’s philosophy lies the conviction that given the freedom to be what we naturally are, we, and especially our children, become astoundingly creative and inventive. We can then use what we have created and learned, to lead more meaningful lives.

Our Program

Our program at Bhavya is based on total respect for the child. Freedom is essential for wholesome development of an individual. Each child in Bhavya expresses thoughts & feelings, freely, fully confident that he will be heard & understood. He is free to explore both physically & mentally, as his interests direct him. In this freedom he grows both in emotional strength & intelligence.

Bhavya Experience

Over the past two decades Bhavya’s journey has been enriched by the many people who have willingly suspended all disbelief to take this journey with us. Here is a glimpse of Bhavya through the eyes of some of the children and adults who have experienced Bhavya personally.

"The Earth has music for those who listen"


Personal Experiences

"I think that because I could choose how I wanted to spend each day, I became inherently self-motivated, learning how to try, and fail, and try again."

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Surya Narendran

"The methods adopted at Bhavya for interacting with children have been an eye-opener, oftentimes shaking the very basic foundations of what is generally accepted as good parenting principles."

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Poornima & Naresh

"The most important thing I have learnt growing up in Bhavya is that my actions not only affect me, but others, too. This is one thing that I will remember, forever."

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Kanishka J. Reddy

"It was an important learning for him and me - on how to BE with a feeling, and (this is) something which has been with me till today."

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Priya Desikan

"Bhavya, in my experience, has been, and continues to be this child-centric space – unique in the simplicity and truthfulness with which it approaches the subject of children."

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Neeraja Capirala

"While thus freeing my daughter, Bhavya was moulding me as a parent - to respect my child, empathize with her, let her figure things out on her own at her natural pace, and to her potential and calibre."

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Laly Eugene

"At Bhavya, I learnt that there are no limits to my imagination, a valuable lesson in my career as an Animator."

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Mili Eugene